Is thin-film thermal insulation effective?

BAUTER® thin-film thermal insulation outperforms all traditional insulation materials. A thickness of less than 1 millimetre saves up to 50% on heating and cooling costs.

How much does BAUTER insulation cost?

Our cost is lower than most conventional insulations, but naturally the valuation depends on the type of surface insulated and the type of investment. For a detailed calculation, please contact one of our technicians.

Where can I apply BAUTER?

BAUTER® coating can be used on virtually any type of surface. It is related to the use of the right protective primer and the selection of the right coating for the type of material. The entire coating selection process is carried out by our authorized consultants. Contact us for more information.

Are BAUTER products environmentally friendly?

Thin-layer thermal insulation coatings are totally ecological, biodegradable and safe. Based on ingredients that are harmless to humans and animals.

Is the BAUTER lining breathable?

The BAUTER® lining is breathable and waterproof at the same time. A special arrangement of the particles makes it vapor-permeable, drying the walls, and at the same time insulates the water, making it an impermeable material.

How do I know how much product I need?

To find out how much BAUTER® you need to insulate your home or business, contact one of our technicians to arrange an assessment.

How long does the BAUTER coating take to dry?

Depending on the type of surface and weather conditions. The BAUTER® coating dries within 2 to 6 hours and starts working immediately, achieving its full thermal insulation properties within 7 to 14 days of application.

Where can I buy BAUTER products?

BAUTER® products are only available through our authorized distributors who also apply them.

What is the guarantee on BAUTER systems?

Quality is one of BAUTER®’s main mottos, which is why we offer a 5-year guarantee for our products.

Is the BAUTER coating flammable?

The standard BAUTER® coating does not spread fire. We also have fully non-flammable Class A products available.